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"In a changing environment, the programs that support us and the rules that govern those programs, quickly change. "  
Becky Claffy, Sr. Business Consultant

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There is a lot of activity in this industry right now. Although the reasons are many, it's largely a result of the rising interest rates. This type of environment most times has a negative impact on the value of income producing properties. As a result, there has been an increase in the buying and selling of investment properties and communities throughout Florida.

Currently, Claffy Consulting, in partnership with Fortune Real Estate of Bradenton, FL., is visiting communities in Lake and Polk counties and will continue this campaign throughout in 2017 and 2018. Our firm has noticed that listing prices for properties, as established by local commercial real estate professionals, are sometimes erratic. There is much to understand that is particular in correctly determining the value of a MH/RV/Campground properties.  

Claffy Consulting has established a partnership with Fortune Real Estate, because of its 30 years of experience dedicated specifically to the Florida MH, RV,  & Campground industry.  This dual relationship allows our clients access to real estate products and services, up to date market and valuation expertise, multi-family community acquisition and sales assistance, and more.

Representing specialty income properties successfully, takes connections within specific professional circles.  Rob Smith, CEO of Fortune Real Estate, has accumulated a long list of  Buyers of MH/RV & Campground properties. With access to this capability, sellers are more likely to experience the benefits of what the general real estate market calls a "seller's market." ** In other words, your property will be immediately exposed to very qualified buyers of your type of property - not just to the general commercial real estate market.

Lastly, whether you are a buyer or a seller of multiple properties, or just own and operate one property, financing costs are most likely one of the largest single expense items in your operating budget. Claffy Consulting has the connections that are necessary to access the latest programs available.  Processing our client requests for financing includes a competitive bid process for the best rate and terms as specified by our clients. 

** A "Seller's Market" is generally defined as a market condition where there are more Buyers than there are Sellers of a product or service. If you are a Seller, this is the type of environment that may allow you to enjoy a higher price or value.
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