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Commercial loans, business loan request packaging, presentation and  progress monitoring

Loan Request Preparation, Presentation and Monitoring

  Services for the typical borrower

We provide expert services to clients who are borrowing either immediately or in the future. For a typical request, our firm will work with you to:

Gather appropriate financials/documents

Establish an understanding of your company
Analyze and underwrite all financials
Provide narrative addressing key issues
Prepare a final loan package

Monitor negotiations, changes in rate and term
Monitor loan progress (if requested)

Handle all follow inquiries from third parties
Help coordinate the final loan closing
 Closing the communication gap

For your loan request, a well organized loan package will provide appropriate narrative which covers all relevant issues
of primary interest to commercial bankers. The narrative will address the financials, pre-identify the stopping points for the typical lending institution, and provide concise explanations beforehand. We can close the "communication gap" between business owners and business bankers because we know what is important to both. Numerous follow up phone calls and emails for clarification as well as multiple requests for additional information can be avoided.

For clients who wish to remain loyal to their current banking institution, Claffy Consulting will coordinate the process and advocate for your purpose. We prepare your request and assemble a package for presentation to your banker. As well, we will regularly monitor the progress of your loan; work through any inquiries and requests for documents, keep you informed of any potential problems or delays, ensure that appraisals and title work are ordered in a timely manner and finally, coordinate your loan closing. We enjoy working as your advocate from start to finish.